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Cyber Monday Venus

Clever Little Lies

Season 2016-2017


Joy to the World

A special evening of holiday stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, Isaac Bashevis Singer, O. Henry and many more performed by members of Hampton Theatre Company.

4000 Miles

hampton theatre company's production of 4000 miles

An Act of the Imagination

hampton there company's production of an act of the imagination


hampton theatre company's production of NOVEMBER

David Mamet’s Oval Office satire is a laugh-out-loud, politically incorrect, no-holds-barred look at one day in the life of an egomaniacal and beleaguered American commander-in-chief seeking reelection. Gallery – photos by Tom Kochie

4000 miles

Amy Herzog’s poignant Pulitzer Prize finalist depicts the unlikely relationship between a 91-year-old lefty and the young lefty grandson who unexpectedly shows up at her apartment at 3 a.m. after a life-altering cross-country bike ride. Gallery – photos by Tom Kochie